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Visualizing a customer's demand with our original technologies

At AITECH "craftsmanship" means total product supply performance including the input of various departmental data into the designing of the best product, undertaking of various tests to ensure stable product quality, and review of the production process to realize error-free mass production.

Business Style

AITECH provides customers with proposals concerning products by using analyzing systems for durability and thickness. The latest technology and facilities are used to achieve product creation. We work diligently and make the customer to be happy. The analysis technology is used for reducing prototype cost and lead-time. And its use is proposed to customers in various ways. To achieve stable product quality that can also be guaranteed, we naturally work together with our own employees, as well as with the personnel of our affiliated makers.

3D Measuring Instruments (contact, non-contact)

AITECH acquired FARO Laser Scan Arm V3 in May 2010 to compare CAD data with measurement data. Elements are quickly and accurately measured by the hard probe (contact) while the object’s shape is measured by the laser scanner (non-contact), both helping to achieve higher quality.


This is used to perform thermal cycle tests where the high and low temperature and humidity level settings are selected as required by the product. The plastic parts are tested to see if they are affected, whether deformations, wrinkles or peeling is found. We determine if the results are in the tolerance range for the various products by confirming the various product data.