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Contribution to Society through Innovation

"Our technologies prove useful to people"

Kunio NAKAJIMA President

My belief is that the ultimate goal of corporations, AITECH for one, is to bring happiness to our employees and to the users of our products. AITECH wants to be a "happiness generating company" which, commanding advanced precision design and analytical technology, will contribute to society by supplying useful products at low price without delay. To this end, we should expand the uses of our technologies and materials among a greater number of people and a wider diversity of industries. One of our business lines is blow molding - a hollow molding technique capable of turning out robust lightweight parts for use in beds and wheelchairs for the elderly and physically disabled. I am convinced that AITECH can boost contributions to society by utilizing its materials and technologies to their utmost potentials.

When we think of the raison d'?tre and social responsibility of corporations, it is important that AITECH utilizes its well-earned technologies for the benefit of people. In this connection we are already extending our technical support to our partners in India and Malaysia. Overseas production not only transfers Japanese competitive world-class technologies to other countries but satisfies the needs of overseas customers and assists the host countries in CO2 reduction and energy conservation. Our social mission is, on top of making business profits, to answer the demands of customers and of the whole public.