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Keeping Up with Changes

While the Japanese economy is undergoing drastic changes, our mission to supply the market with quality products remains the same. But our production method will change because we will develop new products using new materials so that AITECH will increase contributions to society through technology.

Composite Molding [Plant No.3]

New materials featuring lightness, strength and soundproofing.


SymaLITE is a super-light composite sheet consisting of thermoplastic resin fiber (polypropylene) and glass filament. The base sheet is first heated to expand several times the original thickness and is then compression-molded at a low pressure. Allowing the precise control of thickness and density in various parts of the product, SymaLITE gives super-light molded products that also feature outstanding strength and rigidity. Further, SymaLITE allows diverse combinations with different surface materials.


GMT (Unisheet) is a composite sheet made up of thermoplastic resin fiber (polypropylene) reinforced with a continuous glass filament mat. The materials are heated to above the melting point of plastics, then compressed, fluidized and stamp-molded into products. A highly moldable glass filament mat and polypropylene resin are combined to realize complex lightweight shapes having excellent rigidity and impact resistance.